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Chico Icons 2014: Historic Heart & Arteries

For the full prospectus, click here: Chico Icons 2014

The deadline for application is June 21, 2014. The show runs July 25 to August 30, with an opening reception Friday July 25, 5-8 pm.

Our yearly Chico Icons exhibitions always aim to blend art with history. This year, we zero in on our town’s most vital parts—its heart and its connecting arteries, that is to say, its circulatory system bringing oxygen and life-giving energy to the city. We leave it up to the artists to decide what that means to them, what the particular subjects will be, and what medium they will use to express themselves.

The organizers this year were thinking of not just locations but also connections. There’s a center (literal and metaphorical) that connects natural elements with man-made ones. There’s a downtown but it wouldn’t exist without the roads and avenues to and away from it. And then there’s the human activities and events that make Chico what it is, that make it pulsate with life.

“It’s Chico, all right, but it wouldn’t be my Chico without                                                                                          ,” (you fill in the blank).

The subject matter is your choice. It can be a thing, an event, a feeling, a metaphor, a cautionary tale, a chronicle.  Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

“It’s the pulse of the matter!”

The Chico Icons exhibition this year is closely linked with our Springtime Paint-Out.  For information about it, please see the Prospectus (here: Paint-Out 2014 Prospectus). This year’s paint-out calls attention to Chico’s love for our town and love for the arts. The locations for this two-part Paint-Out, described below, are ideal for two of our favorite yearly exhibits, “Chico Icons” (July 25-August 30) at Avenue 9 and “Art in the Barn” (August 23) at Paradise’s Chapelle de l’Artiste’s elegant Concours de la Chapelle, now an eagerly anticipated end-of-summer event, a benefit for the Northern California Ballet Company.  All the locations are indicated on the Prospectus.  This is a great opportunity to make art in beautiful surroundings in turn surrounded by beauty and friends!  If you have questions, let us know.


BE OUR GUEST 2014 – the winner was CARLOS LOARCA!

June 13 to July 19, 2014 - Reception: Friday, June 13, 5-8pm

Deadline for Application, January 31, 2014

Get the full Prospectus here: BeOurGuest2014-2.Prosp.1-6-14

Montage of Guild Members' art

Montage of Guild Members’ art

We are pleased to announce a special exhibition opportunity for a guest artist or artists for the early summer of 2014. The winning artist(s) will be chosen on the basis of creativity, expressiveness, a mastery of the medium, and the impact of the work. Both established and emerging artists will be considered as well as any medium or theme. Our guild members will be the jurors for this show. Please feel free to call or write if you have any questions. We have a special email address for this purpose: <>.  Our phone number at the gallery is 530-879-1821 (remember that we are open W-Sat 12-5) so do leave a message so we can get back to you.



Snow Goose Festival Wildlife Art Exhibit 2014

January 17 to February 1, 2014

Reception: Friday, January 24, 5-8pm

Get the full Prospectus hereSGFProspectus2014-2

Deadline for Application is November 16, 2013

Artists whose subjects include wildlife and habitat along the Pacific Flyway, North and South, are invited to submit artwork for a juried exhibition to take place during Chico’s 2014 Snow Goose Festival (now in its 15th year!). The show encompasses art from all the Pacific Flyway and all media and styles of art will be considered.  A jury consisting of art and nature experts will make the final entry choices and will issue special commendations during the exhibit.

From Naty Osa's book, The Last Orchard, illustrations by Javier Dura
From Naty Osa’s book, The Last Orchard, illustrations by Javier Dura

Please note that this yearly exhibition is just one part of an ambitious and action-packed program of workshops, field trips, and lectures. The 2014 schedule of events will go on line on the SGF official website (here) soon – right now you can go there and see what went on last year, so you can begin to make plans.


Chico Icons 2013: Neighborhood

August 7 to September 7, 2013

Bill Di Grazia, Avenue 9 Gallery Building Windows, Photo

Bill Di Grazia, Night Scene, Avenue 9 Gallery, Photo

“Neighborhood: A district, esp. one forming a community within a town or city; a distinct area with distinctive characteristics, such as an ethnic neighborhood.”

 Consider these two dictionary definitions of neighborhood simply as “starters.” We encourage you to use the term “neighborhood” as a springboard to personal creativity in your chosen art medium.

What gives you a sense of your own space within the larger City of Chico? Is it the view from your kitchen window or from your front door looking down your block? Are your neighborhood boundaries set by major streets, or by a business, or by Bidwell Park? You needn’t use your own neighborhood as your inspiration, but might explore a different one. Do public places such as the downtown Plaza or One Mile or Saint John’s Catholic Church serve as focal points of neighborhoods? Does the history of a neighborhood, like the Barber neighborhood or Chico vecino (sometimes known as Sandy Gulch) form part of the area’s sense of neighborhood? And what about all those activities we associate with neighborhoods such as pool parties and yard sales or the way a certain tree blooms or changes with the season?  What are the activities or characteristics that demarcate your own special sense of “neighborhood.”

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Art-in-the-Barn at The Concours de la Chapelle 2013

Avenue 9 Gallery & Art Guild is proud once again to partner with Chapelle de L’Artiste for an Art-in-the-Barn Art Show benefiting the Northern California Ballet. The Northern California Ballethas given hundreds of children an opportunity to pursue their dreams of dance and has brought the finest of ballet performances to our area for the enjoyment and enrichment of our local arts culture.

2013 Art-in-the-Barn Prospectus

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The Big Event:  Concours de la Chapelle Classic European Car Show, Saturday August 24, 2013

Now in its fifth year, the “Concours de la Chapelle” is rapidly becoming regionally recognized as one of the most elegant and fun social events in Butte County. It attracts car owners and attendees from all over the state and beyond. This is a multi-faceted event showcasing classic European cars, an Art-in-the-Barn art show, ballet dancers, jazz, local food, and spirits with the backdrop of one of the Northstate’s most unique B&B’s. This event will take place on August 24, 2013, from 5-10pm.

The Location: Chapelle de L’Artiste, 3300 Inspiration Lane, Paradise, CA 95969

Art-in-the-BarnAs you enter this property through the expansive gates of Inspiration Lane, you’re drawn to the quaint chapel that sits at the top of the hill.  It provided the inspiration for the name of the property, “Chapelle de L’Artiste” or “Chapel of the Artist”.  Down a gentle slope to your left and shaded by beautiful oak trees, the classically-styled barn, which currently functions as the owners’ studio, is serenaded by a 3-tiered waterfountain in the center of the drive and guarded by three curious llamas.  A gorgeous koi fish pond, the cave, and a beautiful hospitality pavilion completes the picture.

Call for Artists

We are accepting artists’ work that consists of the two major things that make up the Concours de la Chapelleevent: Classic European Cars and the beautiful Northern California landscape. Artists whose subjects fit into this theme are invited to join. All media will be considered.

Art In the Barn Exhibit August 2012

Art In the Barn Exhibit August 2012