“Snow Goose Festival Wildlife Art”


“Best & Last of Avenue 9 Art Guild”

January 14 through February 7

Gala reception Jan. 23, Friday, 5-8pm

Closing Party February 7, Saturday 1-3pm

Maria with cameraEight years ago, Maria Phillips initiated a wildlife art exhibit for Chico’s Annual Snow Goose Festival.┬áThis Festival is dedicated to the memory of Maria Phillips.

Maria helped to plan Avenue 9′s 2015 exhibition that showcases artists’ depictions of Pacific Flyway wildlife and habitat. A jury of 2 artists and 2 naturalists selected 90 paintings, photographs, and sculptures by 40 artists and also awarded commendations that are posted in the gallery. For behind-the-scenes interviews with jurors about their selection process, tune in to “Weekend Showcase” on KCHO 91.7 at 3pm, Friday, January 23.

“Snow Goose Festival Wildlife Art” (Room 1)

“Best & Last of Avenue 9 Art Guild” (Room 2)

Since 2009, 16 Avenue 9 Guild artists, supervised by Maria Phillips, have helped run the gallery. They’ve worked on publicity, hanging shows, gardening, gallery sitting, and even sweeping the floors. The Guild became a supportive family and its members hope for future collaborations. Here are examples of art in the “Best and Last” show that Avenue 9 Art Guild members hope will stay in your memories.