Avenue 9 Gallery & Art Guild is pleased to present

The “Norm Dillinger Retrospective”


Norm Dillinger’s “My Magical World”

You’ve marveled at his painted cars, his house glowing with murals, his canvases sparkling with thousands of dots of paint — but, you’ve never seen a 47-year survey of his art. We’re thrilled to stage Dillinger’s first ever retrospective. Come and meet Dillinger, a true Chico Icon, at the last day of his show.

Dillinger’s closing talk and auction of 6 works on Sat. Oct. 11, 2pm

Exhibit through October 11, 2014

The BEST news is that Dillinger will give a 20% discount on all of his art for the duration of the show. With prices like these, we foresee you’ll be seeing one of these magical paintings in your home in the very near future!




(and hanging from the ceiling!)

Doug Rathbun’s “Other Worlds”

Back view squid

A fence post transformed into Doug Rathbun’s “Squid”

Imagine petting the squid in Doug Rathbun’s “Other Worlds” exhibit. The squid is carefully balanced, so don’t touch it — just think of your hands sliding over the polished wood that your eyes tell you is wet and slippery. Rathbun had wanted to carve a squid for a long time and one day, passing a fence post he’d had in his scrap pile for over five years, he saw a creature propelling itself through the water, tentacles pressed together.

Exhibit through October 11, 2014

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Cynthia Sexton Watercolor Journal Workshop

Do you want to learn how to record the visual pleasures of your travels? Join fellow adventurers on Sunday, October 19, 10-4pm for a delightful day of creativity.  For further information: Cynthia Sexton, 318-2105